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Farm Plan
It's difficult to manage or make lending decisions for your Cattle or Grain operation without having a handle on key performance ratios and trends. Our Chief Ag Lending officer realized the need for simple, straightforward tool to analyze a farm or ranch's current financial condition and make informed performance projections. For 18 years we have been using our Farm plan worksheet to make informed lending decisions for our Ag loan members. We are currently updating our Farm Plan help you get an even better handle on your operation's cash flow.

Our philosophy is people helping people. So, whether you are a new member, or a current member applying for a new Chattel or Operating loan, we'll sit down with you and help you to analyze your current operation and expectations.

You can download either a paper version, or an Excel spreadsheet version of our Farm Plan below. Either version allows you to gather information about your operation before applying coming in to our office. The Excel version allows you the flexibility to quickly run "what if " scenarios by changing production data or debt load.

To download a paper Farm Plan click here. (Requires a PDF file reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or FoxIt Reader).

To download an Excel based Farm Plan click here. (Requires Excel 2003 or later).

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Member Services
These forms are provided for your convenience should you need to make changes to your Hometown account. Simply print out the required form, fill it out completely and return it to the nearest Hometown Credit Union office. (These files require a PDF file reader.)

To help you to better manage your finances and day-to-day budgeting, we've provided several financial calculators. Take a few minutes to review your monthly sending needs. Next, see for yourself how putting away just a few dollars each month or paying a little bit extra on your credit card can really pay off for you. For your protection and ease of use, these calculators are designed to run locally on your PC.

Loan Comparison This calculator allows you to compare the monthly payment and interest costs for up to four loans -- all on one screen -- so you can wise borrowing decisions.
Loan Payment This calculator will compute a loan's monthly payment amount based on the principal amount borrowed, the length of the loan, and the annual interest rate. You can print out an amortization schedule.
Cash Flow This calculator converts all of your regular and periodic incomes and expenses into monthly equivalents so that you can easily see how much money you can really afford to spend during any given month.
Periodic Savings Deposit How important is it to put away a few dollars in to savings? This calculator will help you to determine the future value of a periodic investment.
Certificate of Deposit This calculator computes the future value and annual percentage rate of your certificate of deposit.
Fixed vs. Minimum Credit Card Payment Credit card interest can really add up fast! This calculator shows you how much interest you'll end up paying if you choose to make only the minimum monthly payment, or if you choose to make fixed monthly payments.
Account Reconciliation Use this calculator to help reconcile your account register with your account statement.
  Locations & Hours

Kulm Office
17 South Main / PO Box 310
Kulm, ND 58456
647-2448 - 647-2449 FAX
Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00
24 hour depository

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Ashley Office
102 East Main / PO Box 230
Ashley, ND 58413
288-3439 - 288-3430 FAX
Monday-Friday 7:00-5:00
24 hour depository

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Hazelton Office
341 Main / PO Box 225
Hazelton, ND 58544
782-6841 - 782 6831 FAX
Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00
24 hour depository

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Lincoln Office
109 McDougall Drive
Lincoln, ND 58504
751-1613 - 751-3224 FAX
Lobby: M-F 8am-5pm
Drive up: M-F 7am-7pm
24 hour ATM & depository

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